Congressman says recent Amtrak crash is all too familiar

South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson gets personal when he recounts the Amtrak train crash he and his wife were involved in just weeks before the most recent one that happened in his home state.


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50 thoughts on “Congressman says recent Amtrak crash is all too familiar

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  3. The world is overpopulated Joe. Quit bitching and do you job. If you had done your job correctly when you were supposed to neither one of those trains would have crashed. Same thing for people “helping” each other. America is a competitive society and we have problems getting along.

  4. I have to comment here, since I am seeing little mention of it below, none of the three wrecks were infrastructure issues. Only one of the last 3 can be laid at Amtrak's door and that was the Seattle derailment. The others were the error on the part of a truck driver and this latest one was a padlocked switch in the yard. That is CSX trackage. We are having a number of Amtrak incidents with vehicles ignoring or going around warning devices. You can't fix stupid. Unless we are dedicated to removing every level crossing in the country, those accidents will continue, as they always have. Infrastructure improvements are certainly needed but they will mostly affect speed, comfort and efficiency. PTC would have likely prevented the Seattle and Philadelphia wrecks and that should be the priority now.

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